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 My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software.

Introducing MyMemories Suite 3 - the #1-rated scrapbooking software.

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Why Digital Scrapbooking
Like many of you, the creators of My Memories Suite appreciate and understand traditional scrapbooking. The digital workspace, tools, and vocabulary built into the software reflect the original scrapbook medium. My Memories Suite has taken the old school tradition that we are familiar with and empowered it with a universe of digital capabilities. This new-fangled digital creation may not seem like your mama's scrapbook at first, but it actually can be a beautiful, physical heirloom just like hers-and it can also be much, much more.
Time for Scrapbooking
Getting started with My Memories Suite is as fast as pushing the power button on your computer. You can literally build pages (yes, that's plural) in seconds. Want to finally get your pictures from last Halloween from that old folder on your computer into your new scrapbook album? The FastFill feature in the software allows you to select 1, 2, or a handful of pictures-or an entire folder of thousands of pictures-and automatically drop them all into your new pages with one click of the mouse. And do it all in the time it takes to ask: "Has anyone seen the glue stick?"
In the time it takes you to attach a brad in yesterday's scrapbook, you can build an entire digital page complete with multiple ribbons, brads, and mats. Beware, like anything else, speed can be really addicting and fun in scrapbooking, too. Say goodbye to the kiddy coaster.
No Mess
Scrapbooking can get VERY messy. It could take days to get all the supplies ready to make a simple layout. With My Memories Suite, the supplies you need, every tool you want to use, is right there at your fingertips. Setup and cleanup are literally as easy as pushing a button. Next time, think digi-crop.
Easy to Use
There is no training or experience necessary to use My Memories Suite. There is a user guide available in the software to provide some gentle hand holding if necessary. There is also customer support and email available if things get a little too hairy. And, in case you wondering, it works on both Windows PC computers and Macs.
Saves Money
In the off chance you haven't noticed, scrapbooking can get a little pricey.. If you are a serious scrapbook designer, you might have spent more money on papers last month than you would spend to buy the My Memories Suite software. Just buying the software as a vehicle to print out its included library of papers would be worth the investment.
One Scrapbook Shared Many Ways
Digital makes duplication easy, affordable, and fun. We make scrapbooks to share them don't we? Why make a masterpiece once and share once? My Memories Suite lets you share it again and again as many times as you want.
With My Memories Suite you can place videos in with your photos to help you remember all the good times you and your family had. This is an awesome feature. Think of it like this - all your pictures and videos stored beautifully together in one convenient place.
It's A Digital World
The My Memories Suite software is engineered to take advantage of all that digital technology. The software can add pictures and videos from your camera and camcorders, interact with the
online web store, and share your scrapbooks on Facebook or on a DVD.
Fun, Fun, Fun
My Memories Suite allows you to swap papers and embellishments with ease. Type in journaling in whichever fonts you have on your computer. Add and remove pages easily, change graphics, color schemes, and even the shape and orientation of your scrapbook with the click of a button. Creativity, sharing, and fun all have a front row seat with My Memories Suite. Where are you sitting? Join the fun and go digital today by purchasing MyMemories Suite.(don't forget this special code STMMMS9431 to get a $10 discount)