My Toys

Here are 2 of my toys that i use the most. My Expression and my Faithful cricut is under his cover. i got matching covers but the E was being used when pic was taken. Under the E is my cricut paper packs and mats. Under the Cricut is my carts and booklets in the tub.Below is how i store the carts and booklets.


  1. Hi,
    Love your blog and your toys! I need to change my background and learn more about the settings on mine as I'm pretty new to it. I started it a year ago and then never used it until recently! Love the colors. See you on SB
    Candace - knclodge
    (SB - gain blog readers and comments)

  2. What are cartridges and what do you use them for? They're not ink cartridges are they?
    I love the designs on cricuts and the covers! :)

    Lesly K./greenafy
    Blogging around

  3. Love your set up! I have the first Cricut and the Expressions.


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