Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello Scrappers,

It's been a minute since i been here. So much has been going on. I graduated in December and i'm heading there again in May.

Here is a Valentine's Card I made for my best friend, since he is a male i used colors he like and avoided the pinks and girly colors. Although the ribbon does have pink hearts. lol.

Here is a box i got at Michaels and I painted it pink for valentines day. How did I do?

My mom's birthday was in February so i made this for her. Her favorite color. It says "my mom my friend." I put some clear sparkly paint on top of the purple and it now sparkles gold. looks awesome.

Here is a spring card I made with a 'mystery item'. I used a handmade paper flower and some gum wrappers.The mystery item was the foot clip.


  1. Pretty card. I remember this mystery swap. That is a very pretty flower. Was it made using the gum wrappers?

  2. hello. no the flower was made with double sided paper. :O) mystery swaps are fun huh.


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