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Zoe's " Friendship" Blog Hop June 27th

Welcome to   Zoe's " Friendship" Blog Hop ! We have gathered and collected a very crafty set of ladies to bring you some “friendship” and inspiration to your crafting days.

If you have come from Jenny  at , then you are in the right place. If you stumbled upon my blog and want to hop along, you can do so by starting at Zoe Crafty X’s  Blog at

The balance behind this hop is “FRIENDSHIP” so all of our projects had to be balanced to that. Friends are wonderful, aren’t they? I know mine are. 

Hope you are enjoying yourself on this hop and have learned a few things. I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here is my project that I made for my BFF Best Friend Forever. We have been friends for 15 and a half years and counting. 

Ingredients :
Friends wooden picture frame from Michaels. 
Gold and garnet paint from Michaels. 
Gold round stretchy cord to hang it with. 
Of course a picture of us.
The reason I used the garnet and gold is because we are both Florida State Seminole fans and that is there colors. 


I peeled the label stickers off of the frame and sanded it down a little bit. After I sanded I took the garnet paint and painted every other letter starting with the F. so letters F,I,N,S was done in garnet. I then took the gold paint and painted the R,E,D and the heart dotting the I and also the frame. (I just realized the letters in gold spell red). After I got that done and let it dry I then took a tooth pick and the garnet and outlined the heart and frame, to offset it a little bit.  When it was completely dried I added the picture into the frame and called it a finished project.

My next friends project is pretty big and manly as I could of gotten it. HA

Long 2x4 cut size. 
Train die cuts. 
Old brown buttons, 
paper flowers and 2 brads,
gems friends sticker, 
red/black jewel clusters.
Popsicle sticks (8). 
Black paint. 
Hot glue. 
Yellow rope to hang with., 
peach paint.
red / brown jewels.(wheel centers and car connectors)


My BFF loves trains ever since he was a little boy so I made this for our 15 year friendaversary in a train theme and FSU colors garnet and gold. HEHE I’m evil.
I took the 5 train die cuts and laid them flat so I knew how long I needed my board. I then went out and measured the board giving it a little extra space on the ends.  Then painted the board a light peach so it had some color but not to much. While my board is drying I painted 8 popsicle sticks black so it kinda looked like railroad tracks. Haha I even distressed them gold. After the drying was all done I glued them down onto my board. Then I start to get my train ready. I altered colors so it was in the Florida State Seminoles colors. I ended up with 3 red and 2 yellow. Starting with the first one (engine) I took a black marker and outlines it according to the dots from the machine. I put on 2 clusters of gems in white, red, black on the front and back of this. Added a FSU face decal to the inside of the window. The Indian is driving the train but he is sitting backwards. Hehe.i added 4 puffs of steam to the stack. I then added 3 big buttons for wheels. I connected it with a small jewel to the second one which is a yellow car with a picture he likes of me. I added a red strips on both sides of me to fill in the empty spot from the die, added 2 button wheels and jeweled it to the third car which is red. In this car I added 2 yellow stripes and a picture we both like of us together. 2 brown wheels and a jewel later and it is now connected to the fourth car which is now yellow with red strips. This is a picture of him I like the best.  Added the 2 button wheels and connected it to the last red car with a jewel. This one I just took a forever friends stamp and stamped it to the car. Added in the 2 button wheels and a jewel on the back because there is no more cars to add.  Inside all the wheels is a red gem. The flowers are made by just altering colors and sizes. They are 4 layers high and a gold brad in center. I put one flower on each corner in the top. Above the cards I added 2 more gem clusters and the word “friends’ made from clear jewels. Tied the yellow rope thru the 2 holes I made so it can be hung.Had to add a matching card before I wrapped it all up. Card is just made from blue cardstock. I took a piece of white paper and stamped red flowers all over it. I then added a smaller square of blue to the middle and on top of that I added a stamped image of a boy and girl. I stamped them in blue and added the word “friends” in red under their feet. Of course I filled the inside out but that is private.  :O)

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my Friends Projects. I hope I have given you some idea's and inspiration so you can go and make your BFF’s and friends a present to show then just how much they mean to you.

Please leave a comment on this post (include a email) and also become a follower, for your chance to win some candy. I will use  to choose the winner on June 28, 2011.  If you enter please check back on the 28th to see if you won. I will not chase you down. You have to come back and contact me. Play fair now.

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  1. Blue, I really like your frame too cute. I can't believe you have been BFF for more than 15 years wow. Thanks great. I really appreciate you particpating in the hop.


  2. How sweet! Both of your projects are adorable! Seminole! My Grandma used to live there... I LOVED it there... miss it quite a bit too :( You are guys are both lucky and I hope he appreciated your hard work on these projects! :D Thank you for sharing! I am already a follower and fellow hopper :)

  3. I love the frame, great idea. I'm glad I'm in this hop with you, I became a new follower

  4. cute project Rhonda. I also love the butterflies you have as your wall paper for you blog. they look a little familiar lol. Glad to be in the Hop with you

  5. The train is amazing!! I would have never thought of doing something like that! Love the frame as well! TFS!! I am a new follower.


  6. lol linn. there my beautiful 3-d butterfly ATC's :O)

    thanks ladies for joining us in the friendship blog hop.

  7. very pretty projects! I became a new follower!

  8. I loved both of your projects. I am a new follower. TFS.

  9. GREAT frame and I love the train. It is such a good idea.

  10. such a great project!!! Love the train! TFS

  11. Love you projects and the look of your blog
    I am now a follower and look forward to returning and seeing what you have created

  12. These are awesome projects! Thanks so much for sharing! And thanks for a shot at some awesome candy!!

  13. Booooo! FSU, BOOOO! (J/K...Georgia fan here.)

    I love the train idea. It's adorable!

  14. Very talented, I love both projects especially the train. I am a follower. tfs
    mexicopetshop at hotmail dot com

  15. what adorable projects - thanks for sharing and its great to be part of this hop with you

  16. lovely...the train is adorable... :)


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