Saturday, January 28, 2012

In Rememberence Double LO

Good evening, how are you? I just wanted to come and show you a double layout I did for my son. I followed a 2 page layout sketch for a board at . This is my first page for him and I love it.

This is the sketch I was to follow. now it is not perfect but I followed as close as I could.

Here is my take on this sketch. I used the real announcement from paper and one of the things they hand out to you at the funeral. I chose pictures of my family. I am only missing my little brother as he doesn't like pictures of the grave, and I respect that.

I used a patterned blue as the main page, then used a light yellow/tan with circles made in it and a little sparkle. then used a plain light blue to mat everything on. Also used another tan patterned to put the pictures on. The 3 flowers are handmade and I received them in a swap ( if there yours please let me know so i can mark that here) . I used the same  photo paper and light blue paper to punch out butterflies. The day of the funeral I had a butterfly sitting on my shoulder during the whole grave side service. The praying hands is a stamp of mine.

Im not to good at taking pictures of a double LO but I guess this is good. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I think you did an amazing job on this l/o. I have found that scrap booking should not only be the good times, but the difficult ones as well. For me, scrap booking is not for the NOW but for the future generations to come so they know all about their past. The butterfly was most touching! Sorry for your loss.
    Creative Wishes,

  2. I also think you did a lovely job on these pages. To be honest, I like your variation of the layout better than the original.

    Emika from swap-bot

  3. Firstly, I am sorry to hear about your loss. I also enjoy scrapbooking and this is a beautiful way to remember. It was only the other day that I posted the following quote on Facebook -

    "When someone dies, you don’t get over it by forgetting; you 'get over it' by remembering, and you are aware that no person is ever truly lost or gone once they have been in our life and loved us, as we have loved them." – L M Silko

    I was thrilled to read about the butterfly on your shoulder. Do you know how common this is? Well, not the sitting on the shoulder part - that REALLY is special. But butterflies at funerals are often reported and are known symbols of ADCs or After Death Communications from our loved ones to tell us they are okay. Butterflies have been around us since my husband died. I even wrote a blog post about it! At my grandmother's funeral, we had a dragonfly that flew between my father, my sister and I. Another common ADC symbol. Birds are another one. And for that butterfly to have sat with you the entire funeral, well, I just know that that is a clear message right there for you, that he really is okay and he wanted to be there to comfort you through that time.

    Much love to you,
    Leila (rubyrose)

  4. Love this layout! My mom and I are making a scrapbook of my meme's (grandmother) life and have been looking for layouts. I love that you can take a layout and run with it, even if it's not exact, it's a jumping off point. The pages turned out beautiful!

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  5. Gorgeous page. I love the soft blue colours.

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