Sunday, March 4, 2012

Share Your Blog!

Here is a fun away to showcase others blog's while also showcasing yours. Over at Swap-bot they have a swap called Share your blog. In it you was assigned 5 partners and once you get them, you go and check out there blog. After doing so, you write up a little blurb about there blog on yours. Here goes my blurb. :O)

BigHillGoddess - Angie lives in TN with a husband, dog, 2 cats and a fish aqaurium full of fish all named after rock stars or characters from The Waltons. Her favorite crafts are art dolls, art journaling, and quilting. She also enjoys making plushies - She calls them instant gratification crafts.Angie is addicted to coffee and reading. Enjoys camping, hiking, cooking and baking. she is afraid of Alzheimer's disease so she does a puzzle book or a crossword or other brain puzzles once a day. Her blog is very well done, when your reading it, seems like your right there beside her at that moment. Please check it out for yourself.

Bandeau - This blog has alot of writing put it to it. it is not one of my usual blogs to follow. She has her first book for sale check out the details here. she is an illustrator, graphic designer, writer and costumer.She also is grateful everyday that her wonderful husband shares her passions, so she can dress him up in crazy outfits. HAHA this is funny.

Dakini55 - her blog is named "dining room table art" as this is where her creations come to life. there isnt alot of words in this blog but there is alot of pictures and it is known that "a picture is worth a thousand words". 

RyuLuna - notes from the master mind. This blog is pretty much a everyday blog. From the food she makes to the hair dying session. It is very fun to read, makes you feel like your there sharing in it with her. she takes care of her mother and that there gets alot of respect from me. 

HappinessCrafts - Jass is a photography student and loves taking photos. She loves to make fabric flowers, ATC's, and cards. Her blog also involves fashion. It's a very nicely made blog and I believe you should stop by and have a peek. for the next two weeks she is having a 25% stock clearance at her Store. 

so there is my blurb about other blogs in this world. Please check them out.

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