Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ever Had.....

Ever had a friend that you like to hang out with and just chat about everything? A friend that you hang out with doing the "sports" that they really enjoy? Ever just wanted to capture your friend as they play there "sports"? Well I DO. I love going out fishing with my Best Friend. I don't always fish cause sometimes I just want to capture him in his moments. The times he is really into his fishing and can't capture the moments himself.

Well I went out fishing a I didn't wanna fish this time, I just wanted to watch him. Watch how he relaxes and enjoys the fresh air, the sounds of the birds and gators around us, the sounds that the water makes. Windy gently blowing on a 80 degree night.

Im going to share with you some photos I took on our fishing outing.


 This is a new set up he got a few weeks ago. Kinda scares me.

Just want to finish this by saying I am very thankful to have him as my Best Friend for a month shy of 17 years. I'm not sure what I would do with out FRIENDSHIP'S.


  1. What a wonderful post, thanks for sharing!

  2. It's remembering me
    Me and my 2 bestfriends really like to go to the beach, I always bring my digital camera. My friends are like 'crazy' to camera, I took their picture...but I always ended up took more pictures with non human objects, hihi...out of topic, yeah~

    Love Comment Blog ♥ (10)

    1. i always have a camera on me. most of my photos are non human too.


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