Friday, June 3, 2011

Shirt Card For Father's Day

Hello Fellow Crafters. I couldn't sleep the other night and i was itching to try something new. i found a tutorial to make a shirt card for father's day. i went and got my paper and i started.

Here is the written directions:

Used double sided card stock from piggy tales. Cut it to 8 ½ x 11 .
Cut a strip of left over paper at ½” (for tie)
The side you have face down will be the shirt body,
Fold the paper in half, with the pattern still visible, and then unfold it.
Turn the paper over and fold the two long edges in towards the centre crease.
Turn up the two bottom middle corners so that they meet the outer edge of the paper. This will form two diagonal creases.
Turn up the bottom of the paper and fold it over where the flaps from the previous step end.
Stick your fingers inside the folded up area. Grab hold of the tip of the corner piece on one side. Pull it out and to the side. Now repeat this for the corner piece on the other side.
Now tuck each corner back inside itself to form the sleeves.
Turn the paper over and fold down about 1/4 inch at the top.
Turn the paper over again and fold the two top corners in to the centre about 1cm from the top. This will form the collar.
Finally fold the bottom of the paper up and under the tips of the collar. Shirt folding is complete!
You can add buttons or jewels on front but I added a tie. I took a 1’2 in strip and tied a knot in center and then I cut the one end off and trimmed the other in a diamond kind of way. I glued it to the shirt.
Cut a piece of white paper a tiny tiny bit smaller then inside and glued it in. this is where you can stamp and or write whatever you would like.

Here is my final project. How does it look?

inside :

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