Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rock A Block giveaway


We all know we have this problem with our stamps not coming out right. where here is a grand solution and a chance to WIN a set for free. Contest ends November 4th 2011 . you can enter once DAILY so come on and enter.

Made in the United Kingdom, this new stamping tool is beyond cool! For all of us who crave that perfect stamped image, but sometimes end up with work that is blotched, smudged, or uneven, this tool is the aid we’ve needed. You place your clear or unmounted rubber stamps onto the block, ink it up, and place it onto the surface to be stamped. What is touching is the edge of the block and you just rock the block. Keep in mind you only need to rock once, rocking more than once gives a shadow to your image. The designer behind the block system is Claudine Hellmuth who just wants to bring hip art to playful hearts. She is a dedicated artist who understands how tools can make it easier for all of us to create beautifully. This set includes 4 different sizes of blocks from small to large.
This package contains two blocks: 7-1/4x5 inches and 7-/4x2-1/4 inches. Made of translucent green plastic.


  1. this sounds like a got to have tool, I curse every time I stamp.. it is either crooked or smudges or part of it doesn't ink the page, so sign me up.
    mexicopetshop at hotmail dot com

  2. Wow! Sounds like an amazing block!

  3. I don't stamp but I entered anyway. It look like it may be fun to try or at the very least it could make a good christmas gift.

    -iggygirl (Check out my Blog #3 swap)

  4. sound like a cool tool

  5. Great tool. Why didn't I think of this idea?

  6. This sounds as brilliant as the "Hula Hoop"!! The question still remains, "why didn't I think of that?" This sounds like it will be an item that everyone will be using. TFS. Claire


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