Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Good morn'n crafter's and Merry Christmas. I hope you have had or are having a great day.

I wanted to show you our purple tree. The tree itself is white but bulb ornaments, lights, garland and such is purple. We also have Elmo on there . They was put on there when my niece was younger and we still put them on every year, there is NASCAR, # 88 only. that set includes a pit crew, few different cards he drives, a few with years on them, some hoods, Jr himself and so forth. We also have a granny, Us 4 kids as a baby in a bassinet with the year we was born in them. Ornaments we made mom as a child, and the ornaments go on. Here is our tree,

Here are a few projects I gave as gifts, I will be back later to make a seperate post for each one.

My best friend asked me to make him a stocking. I never made one before so it was a challenge for me. How does it look to you? 

My best friend also told me he wanted me to crochet him some slippers so his feet are warm when he relaxes. Again this is a first for me. These took me some time to make. He likes them and I do too. Here he is wearing them.

My best friend also loves trains, the reason why I have no idea but i made him this one in his favorite colors. I really like this.

My niece Kiara got tons but I showing this hair bow container I made for her hair bows. Front says Kiara, back says hair bows. It is see thru so you can see the writing on the back. Sides have a curling iron and blow dryer.

I made my mom a vase of purple flowers. Purple is her color.

Made a crochet owl purse for grandma, except he isn't a purse, I filled him with air bubbles. lol

Made a flip flop trinket box for my aunt.

That is just some of the things I chose to make them. Please check back for full post's on my projects with more photo's.

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