Monday, July 30, 2012

Melts in Your Mouth but Not in Your Hands Blog Hop....

Happy Birthday Kimberly and Rachelle. 
It is also my 35th birthday today. 

Welcome to Melts in Your Mouth but Not in Your Hands Blog Hop for not one but two beautiful ladies who are beautiful inside and out but have the love and joy of crafting. We are celebrating their birthday with a wonderful candy that is not only beautiful inside but outside and both sides are delicious!!!! What a better treat than to use M&M's for birthday wishes!!!! And, they are both turning 50, but shhhh don't spread the rumor as who would ever believe you after looking at their picture!

We have a super wonderful group of crafters to help wish not only Kimberly Pate but Rachelle Larsen a super very happy Birthday. Our hop begins with Kimberly Pate  in case you just happened to stop at my blog to visit me. Don't get me wrong, but since there is such a delicious hop, I wouldn't want you to miss a single stop along the way!!!!! If you have arrived from Edwina then you are following the empty bags of M&M's.No one likes empty bags.

 My 2 favorite kinds of M&M's are the Coconut one and the Mint ones. YUMMMMMMO. I like the peanut ones too. I decided to make a Lo featuring me and my favorite M&M's. I used the actual wrappers in my project too. 
I started with plain white card stock. Added the green with white dots to half of my page. Used some slime green Ric Rac to cover my separation line. Backed my wrappers with some scrap green paper. The quote I got from the M&M's site. It is what the green girl says. My photo I printed with the designs on it. I told the printer I wanted  green outline but I guess he was thinking I was using to much green because he spit it out with blue. But it's okay because it off sets it some. I just love this LO.
 I have included the complete line-up just in case you would happen to get lost along the way or at too many M&M's.
    1. Kimberly ~
    2. Rachelle ~
    3. Lynne ~
    4. Lisa Peters ~
    5. Miriam ~
    6. Amanda~
    7. Angie ~
    8. Belinda ~
    9. Janet ~
    10. Lucy ~
    11. Lisa Woodward ~
    12. Edwina~
    13. Rhonda  ~
      There is a wonderful group of sponsors to help us with the celebration but as with everything else, there are rules and regulations which will be noted with each sponsor.

      Lisa Woodward of SimplySilverton-a-soap-and-paperworks-company-llc

      Lucy Kelleher - Independent Consultant for Close to My Heart.

      The amazingly talented Daisy Collins of “I Love Sketches by Tsunami Rose” has donated a $15 gift certificate to her store and a copy of “I Love Sketches By Tsunami Rose” sketches from the month of July! In addition to leaving blog love for all of our participants and following their blogs, please follow for updates and inspiration for Daisy’s sketches and visit and like her fan page .

      If you wish to send our 50th birthday gals a birthday card, their addresses are listed for you below! Again, thanks for visiting today and don't forget to wish our birthday ladies a super happy happy birthday!!!!!

      Kimberly Pate
      PO Box 166
      Peru, NE 68421

      Rachelle Larsen
      1099 N. Monarch Ave.
      Post Falls, Idaho 83854


      1. Happy birthday "Blue". May your new year be tremendously blessed.

        Love your LO!! I have not seen coconut M&M's.

      2. First let me say happy birthday to you too . .

        Cute layout. while I collect M&M's I seldom eat them. However, I do enjoy the mint ones, when I can find them.

        Thank you so much for sharing in Rachelle's and my 50th birthday blog hop.


      3. Great page!! LOVE the m&m's!!!

      4. Happy Birthday Rhonda!
        I love the layout!
        Thank You for celebrating with us!

      5. Happy Birthday Rhonda! This is cute layout! Great job!

      6. Rhonda, Happy Birthday! Hope your day is special in every way.
        Cute layout. I love that you used the actual candy wrappers on it. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

      7. Mmm M&ms! lol How cute! I couldnt figure out how to follow your blog.

        Blogging around-Zefaniya

        1. hi, the third box down from the top left is the follow box :)

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      9. I am curious about how mm mint tastes? I have not seen that in the stores here in Philippines

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