Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Birds Blog Hop--

Oh no!!!! Those nasty pigs stole our eggs!!! How dare they make an omelet or pickled eggs with our offspring!!!! I vote we attack those pigs!!!!! They're laughing at us and that will not do!!!!! Bombs AWAY!!!!! ATTACK!!!!!!! We must save our children!!!! Black Bird flies through the air and bombs the hiding place of the King Pig with no avail. Yellow Bird to the rescue flies fast and far and topples some of the hiding place of King Pig!!! Red Bird flies straight and knocks a few more of the building. White bird, says "watch me" and she flies and when touched drops an egg and explodes a few more boards of the hiding place. Green bird has awesome powers when touched, he will return when least expected and crash into the sight! Finally Blue Bird's special talent when touched becomes three (3)!!!! ATTACK!!!!!!!

Welcome to one of Lisa's newest designs from her shop, Scrapping with Lisa's Designs - The Birds , complete with all the birds described and one laughing King Pig with building materials to create your own awesome scene!

But before you get too creative, stop a moment and check out what the Design Team has to offer.In case you get lost along the way, here's the entire line-up trying to save the eggs!!!

1. Lisa ~
2. Lynne ~
3. Kimberly ~
4. Anita
5. Rhonda-
6. Janet ~
7. Jearise ~

Lisa is graciously offering three (3) lucky followers a free file of their choosing just for commenting and following the Design Team blog,!!! Now how wonderful is that, not to mention easy peasy!!!!!

Kiara for some reason LOVES angry birds and well I just cant understand them. When I got this file I was at  a loss as to what to do, the day I got the file Kiara brought home some items from school (summer school) and told me I HAD to use pictures of her for my project. So here it is.....

I hand made a template for circles thinking I wanted to use this new glitter spray I got. This is only my 3rd time using the spray so I don't really know how to use it. How does one not get puddles? Here is the template.
and here is my Angry Birds Layout of Princess Kiara and her birds.

Your next stop following which birds will be used to attack King Pig is Janet . Thanks for stopping and if you aren't already a follower of my blog - I would love to have you to check out my wonderful creations!


  1. What a great lay-out Rhonda -- love how you displayed not only Lisa's birds but your daughter!!! Always a pleasure hopping with you my friend!
    Much Love, Hugs, and Pixie Dust

  2. Great page!!! LOVE thr pic and your birds!!

  3. adorable layout, my 3 year old son loves these crazy birds too!

  4. my niece is really like this 'ill tempered' birds...really noisy when she plays at her mom's she always make a noisy though
    ah, and the pig just have their own game too: bad piggies

    Love Comment Blog ♥ (10)


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