Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Mom

I wanted to make something for my mom to show her how special to me she is. I found a gorgeous glass bell with flowers in it , at my grandma's garage sale. I knew right then that this is what I was going to alter for my mom. She loves the color purple. Any shade of it, she loves. So I had to change the color of the flowers and ribbon on the bell to match perfectly.

Here is what the bell looked like when I got it.

I looked and looked in my stash to see just how I was going to change the colors from pink to purple. I decided I was going to make some mist spray since I never did it before and I apparently needed some.
I went to the local dollar general and got some alcohol and spray bottle. They dont sell any type of dye so I had to go to Walmart for that.
I ended up getting 2 bottles of the Rit dye in the colors or purple and denim.

 Here is everything I used on my project.

I started by making my spray. I filled the spray bottle to where you see it with the alcohol. Then just added the Rit in until i was content with my color. Taking the hot glue gun I put the flower trim around the handle of the bell. 

When I  was finished with that I took apart the flowers. Taking the leaves off and the big one I say the small ones inside my trash can and sprayed the heck out of it. They was a real deep purple but once air drying they lightened up .

 After I sprayed the little ones I then went and sprayed the big one. It was originally white and pink. I kinda dried it a little with a napkin then let it finish air drying. 

When I was content with my flowers I went on to dye the ribbon which was a lighter pink. I loved how the ribbon came out. The color is beautiful. After it air dried I tied it back on to the base of the handle like it originally was.

 After I got all of that done I went hunting gems. I used the ones I kept from my I-Rock. The ones I used are a deep deep purple. I glued them to the base of the bell with the glossy accent.

Using Folk Art acrylic paint in the violet pansy color, I wrote mom on the front of the bell. It's not wrote perfect but she loves it.

Here is the finished bell. 

I started the day making 2 mothers day cards. One for my mom and one for my sister. I used Cricut Craft Room to make them. They are cut at 4 inches . I made purple for mom and orange / yellow for my sister. A little chalk ink to edge and  gel pens to outline.

Really hoping you liked my mothers day creation for my mom. I know she loved it.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my project. Did you make anything ? If so what did you create? I'd love to see it.

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