Thursday, May 15, 2014

Why Don't You Blog This?

I'm here today to complete a swap I joined. It is called " why don't you blog this?"  You have 2 partners and they will tell you something they want you to blog about. You then go and blog about The topic they chose for you.

So here goes:

Topic 1 is from katcouch and her topic is "which pet you think is the best and why. Write if you have owned any in the past and if you have talk about how they influenced how you feel about that kind of pet."

I LOVE LOVE animals.  I once had a parakeet I named Blu . She of course was blue, I had her for 11 years and she past away. I miss her so much. I now have 2 parakeets named Bucky and Leo. I have had them for about 3 years now, My bestie got them for me after Blu had past away. They love to sing and watch tv. When wrestling comes on they will talk loud the whole time. Bucky is green and Leo is yellow. I call them "boys" lol. The best pet anyone could ask for.

Miss.Daisy came into my life February 13, 2013. She is a Chihuahua and Calahoula mixed. She weighs 17 pounds now. Daisy's birthday is December 24, 2013 . She loves her friends the cats. As soon as she goes outside, her friends come and join her. When I take her for a walk, I am also walking 3 cats as they follow us . It is so funny. Daisy has her own pillow and blanket in the car and she loves to go for rides with me. She will follow me to the door and when I say she can't go this time, she will sit at that door all sad until I get back. I believe she has separation anxiety when shes not with me. Nap time with mommy is her favorite past time. She will sit beside the bed and just stare at you until you pick her up and put her in bed with you. She will stay and sleep with you for hours.

I have had betta fish, gold fish, cat fish but I cant seem to keep fish.

Here are some photos of my babies.

leo and bucky



 daisy hugging her friend (3 months old)

 Daisy now

 Daisy napping with me. lol

 Daisy and 2 of her walking partners

Daisy hugging her friend


Daisy napping on moms bed.

Can't seem to find my photo of Blu. Hope you enjoyed my pet's as much as I do.


  1. Aw, I love your pets! The boys really are both boys, I had been told males would not get I am glad yours do ^_^ and Oh my goodness! She is just adorable! My mother has a pure chihuahua and she does the sad at the door thing too. I think it is in their blood. The catahoola coloring is just gorgeous. Wonderful pets. Thank you for sharing :)

    katcouch from swap-bot

  2. Daisy is soo cute ! This is a great swap idea =] @emmalouiise91


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