Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Bois

Today I wanted to introduce you to my bois. There names are bucky and leo and they are my precious parakeets. Bucky is green and got his name from bucking us when we tried to pick him up. Leo is yellow and he got his name from the month I got him.

These bois are so loving. They love to chirp in different tones to music, wrestling, you while your on the phone. They love watching tv. In fact there chirping softly now as they watch tv.

I made a LO of my bois and want to share with you.

I used a light blue as my background. On the left I tore a sheet of white in half and used the decorated part. I outlines the white butterflies with green and yellow gel pens. I put a small piece of fabric sticking out of the white piece. Made 3 brown hexagons above the photos and outlined in the green and yellow pens also.. I rounded the corners of paper and photos. I took the green pen and made some lines and dots around things. Stuck a poofy butterfly into the center of one of the white ones. Using rub-ons I made my title to say My Bois.

Shall we see the bois now?


  1. Pretty birds on a pretty layout! I love how you used the decorated half of a paper on your layout - plus I love the butterflies!!!

    Bloggie Love from Lori

  2. Love the butterflies and cute photos! (BL)


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