Saturday, September 20, 2014

rain, rain, go away....

It has been raining all day and night and it doesn't seem to be stopping. What can a girl do in all of this rain? Can't go anywhere because when it rain's my  car looks like it is sitting in a gigantic puddle and my shoes get wet way above them. SO what else can a girl do you ask?

So that's just what I did.

I'm a part of a swap called LOTW . It means you can chose a word you would like others to create for you. Then you chose letters of the other ladies words that you want to do for them. They pick the size of the letter, the colors, the theme and you create it.

So I am going to list the names and letters I did,with the theme.

Names:                                                      Letter:                               Theme:

* minions                                                  i                                         minions
* McIssaccs                                              s                                         minions
* pre kindergarten                                     t                                         school
* abigail                                                    b                                         bling
* kindergarten                                           r                                         school
* South Dakota                                         k, o                                    red/gold leaves
* swofford                                                 S                                       to match a LO she posted
* birthday                                                 i                                         lions, giraffe, zebra
* sunshine                                                 s                                        sunny
* bear paw                                                p                                        carnival
* valdez                                                    e                                        alaskin fishing
* sadie                                                      a                                         dog
* lucy                                                       y                                         dog
* shyann                                                   n                                         artist
* karinna                                                  r                                          butterfly

Following the list above you should be able to figure out the letters.

I used all scraps of paper, cricut craft room for the letters, stencils, gems, ink pads, ink pens, markers, tag with tickets on it I received in a swap, stamped images of butterflies from a friends wife, leaves from a ruined wreath and clip art.

Took me several hours to complete these. Hardest part was matching colors and themes.

What have you been working on ?

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