Tuesday, November 11, 2014

6x6 family themed mini

Hello there, how are you doing ? I am very frustrated with "swappers" lately. I been in a few mini album swaps and I am following the rules and the ones I get in return are not following any rules. It's rather frustrating.

The album I'm about to share is a 6x6 family themed mini. The one I received is just 10 pages, no covers at all. Holidays spent with family theme.  There was no way to even bind it so she sent me the 2 rings. As you will see mine has 2 covers and a tie to close it.

Anyways on to my mini. It's not your normal 6x6 mini. It is all folded into itself. I love it . I included tags, pockets, photo areas, sayings, drawings and more. I really hope she likes this mini.

The first two photos are the pages I received.

The following photo's are of my album.

There you have my 6x6 family themed mini, hope you enjoyed it.


  1. What an adorable album! I love it! BL, Sarah

  2. Sorry you're swapping isn't going well, it can be so frustrating :( Your album is gorgeous!

    Jenny (BL)

  3. I like the card layout. THanks for sharing. (BL)

  4. OMG amazing and fabulous work.. loved it all.. BL

  5. well my swap partner didn't like my album and i got kicked out of the group. actually banned, i cant even find it on fb. pretty sad if you ask me ,


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