Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy holidays card,

Good morning America. Coming here before I go to surgery to share a card I made. It was a dryer sheet card. Very simple and easy once you got your focal point picked out. I used a free image I found on the net.

I used this simple tutorial except I didn't use glitter. Wouldn't stick to the sheet or thru it .I added a light green ribbon on the left, using a textured circle to thread the ribbon thru. The circle can be moved from top to bottom and any where in between.

Here is my card.

Hope you liked my simple yet cute card.

Must go get 2 hours of sleep before my surgery.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. Very pretty card and good luck on your surgery!

  2. Beautiful card!!!! Best of luck on your surgery!
    Miranda :) BL

  3. Gorgeous card, love the pretty ribbon too! Best wishes for a speedy recovery! BL

  4. I like your card! Good luck with your surgery. BL

  5. OOhh looks great, can't believe it is a dryer sheet! Hope your doing well after your surgery!

    Eaine (BL)


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