Thursday, October 6, 2011

Miss. Esmeralda and Miss. Evelin

Evening craftaholics. How is your crafting going? Are you whipping up some new and funky Halloween projects or are we finishing up some summer ones? I am doing a little of both. I been in this sad mood and kinds ventured away  but I am back now with a new and funky halloween project.

I used 2 of the goth girl collection digi stamps from Janice over at Scrappers Delights . There names are Esmeralda and Evelin . These chicka brought a smile to my face as I sat there  creating with them.

Well let's move on to the project, shall we.

I took a wooden coffin type box with a stand from my local Michaels store. I picked this up last year for .50 .I was just waiting for the right opportunity to use it . I started out by painting the outside with Folk Art #2578 New Leaf Green. I had to give it a few coats as it is a light color. I then painted the inside Craft Smart Black while I waited for the outside to dry.While i was waiting for the inside to dry I went and took the same black and colored the cross that came on the box.

I then painted the inside Craft Smart Black while I waited for the outside to dry.

I then used the black to go around the box where you seen the box was put together at, I guess you can say it's "seams" . I also painted the base while I had the black on my brush.

Here is the back to it.

So after I got all that done I stared at it while it dried. I felt it needed a little something more so I drug out my favorite Folk Art Extreme Glitter in #2789 Peridot . I just love this paint. With this green glitter I painted over everything that was the new leaf green. Except the inside edges. That includes front, sides, back. The painting isnt perfect and you can see that but it is what makes it so fun.

After all the paint was put on and drying, I cut out my 2 favorite girls, Esmeralda and Evelin.  After positioning them here and there I finally decided I wanted to put Esmeralda on the front. But first I took a bat I cut out for a different project and glued it flat to the top left corner. I then took 2 spiders and pop dotted them on top of each other for that 3-d effect. I put these on the bottom left. I only applied glue to the body of Esmeralda. I left her hair unglued so they moved. I aligned her left foot up with the bottom of the lid and folded her other one so it looked as if she was walking. The right one is not glued down, so the door can open. I added two small bows to her hair. I actually took white bows and colored them in with a black sharpie marker. I think they look cute.

Across the bottom I took Lime Green Stickles from Ranger and wrote the word "Goth -o- ween" . Its not perfect but we all know how it is to write with stickles. 

On the inside is where Evelin is patiently awaiting for you. Once you open the box up she will be greeting you.

 Here is a side view of my box kinda open.

Well I hope you really enjoyed my project and that you go right on over and get yourself some funky and awesome digi stamps from Janice over at Scrappers Delights . Don't forget to come back and show me what you have made, I'll be patiently awaiting.

Here is one more shot of my Halloween project.


  1. This is fantastic Hun!
    I love this project so creative thank you for a super creepy sample love Janice XXX

  2. So cute!!! I'm following you here from Share my blog. Hope you'll follow me back.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  3. Cute idea! Esmerelda and Evelina are so cute.

  4. Fabulous...looks like you are "going GREEN"! That was lots of work!!! So very happy to be sharing this hop with you guys.
    hugs, Claire

  5. cute, i don't celebrate halloween so..

    Azed from swap bot "show me your crafty blog"

  6. This is adorable!!! I love it --
    Hugs and Love,
    PS --- stop over and visit I have a surprise for you because you DESERVE IT!!!!
    Her Craftiness


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