Friday, December 30, 2011

Mom's Present

Hello, how are you doing this fine chilly day? I am doing OK, I guess. I am back for another showcase of the present I made for my mom. I love her so much, she is always there to help me and I really appreciate her for that. I don't really know what I'm going to do when the good lord calls her home.

Well let's get on with her special present.

I started out with this simple kit from oh my crafts . I do believe there discontinued though.
It is a plain & simple chipboard flower boutique. Came with 16 white flowers in 2 sizes, 16 pieces you glue to the bottom to hold the sticks, 16 white sticks, 16 big white buttons (I didn't use them) and 2 pieces of Styrofoam (one big and one small, the small slides in and out to make some flowers taller then the rest) you use the container it all came in as your vase. You also get some white shredded paper so you can cover up the sticks and Styrofoam.

I painted 15 flowers, I used 3 different colors of purple in the folk art paints (dark, medium, light). I had to give each one 4 coats. I glued some large white flat back pearls to the centers of my flowers. while my paint was drying and in between coats I worked on my vase, I took off the handle it had on it, it just untied. I then found some purple paper which had some cartoon character on it and I traced the insert kinda sorta. Once i traced and cut it out it need a little more trimming so it fit just right. After I got that done I went and painted the flowers some more. I stuffed the vase with some tissue paper so that way when I put the Styrofoam piece in i cant adjust it accordingly. After everything was dried and I got it all put together, I stuck them into the Styrofoam at different sizes. Covering them up with the shredded paper. Using Ashlyns alphabet I cut the word MOM out at 3 inches. Light purple paper was used. Gluing them down so they kinda scroll around the vase, adding 3 dark purple gems to one side of each letter. For the top and bottom of the vase I used the Offray Majesty Lace. This is some pretty lace to work with.

A pretty easy project, just took about 2 days to complete because of all the drying.

Let's get to the pictures.

Hope you love it as much as my mom did.

Till next time. Happy Creating.

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