Saturday, December 31, 2011

My BFF'S Present's

Wow we are so close to 2012. Today is New Year's Eve and also my best friend Chris's birthday.

Now I am going to show you a few things I made him. 2 of which he asked me to make him.

First one is some crocheted slippers. Let me say I did not know how to crochet and he knew it, these slippers was started back in March 2011 and got finished December 2011.

I went and found some "manly" yarn. The yarn I chose was a corrugated and it was called Platoon. Hook size was H. I used a pattern I got in a email, not sure from where cause it was so long ago.

First photo includes the practice piece, my mom (can crochet in her sleep) showed me with the orange every stitch I was going to need in the pattern.

Then comes the slipper making . I had to work in circles and well it was hard for me, kept making mistakes. Not adding enough or doing stitches I was never taught.

And here is my Best Friend wearing the slippers he asked me to make him.

Next comes a train I picked up at hobby lobby. He loves trains. I used red ,black paint (his fav's) and then after staring at it a few days I added some gold rub 'n buff to the wheels so it looked like the train had gold rims. I forgot to take a photo of the rims but here is the train.

Last but not least is his stocking he asked me to make him. He said he didnt have one. I have one with my name on it that mom knitted for me when I was born and I love it and it hangs on my fireplace every year. So I wanted him to have a handmade one too.

Sorry this post is so long but I do hope you enjoyed reading it.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great gift you made your BFF and they looks great!! I'm a new follower!! Happy New Year!!!

  2. You're like me with the knitting/crocheting...a small project that might take just a little while for most takes MONTHS for me ;-)

  3. What a great gift. Everyone needs slippers!

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