Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy 17th Friendaversary...

On this day, November 8, 1995 I met my best friend. I just moved here to Florida on November 5th and my first day at work (I transferred my job from Michigan) was today. I was so nervous because you could tell I wasn't from here. LOL. Anyways on that day I met Chris, my best friend. It was a day I will never forget. Today is our 17th, yes 17th friendaversary (as I have always called it). We have had our ups and downs like everyone else, but I would never trade our friendship for any one else.

He is not home on this day so I must save my gift I made him until I see him . I have been keeping this a secret for 2 weeks. HA-HA bad me.  :O) I want to share it all with you.

I used 52 playing cards and the 2 jokers, red and black ink, two 3 inch binder rings in black, 52 reasons I thought hard on  some red and black card stock, some gears from the hardware, 2 chipboard numbers, some cream card stock, red and black yarn. On the red cards I wrote in black, inked the reason in red, inked the outside of card in black. For the black cards I wrote in red, inked reason in black, inked outside of card in red. The whole album is in all red and black. His favorite colors. The jokers are my front and back covers.

I sorted all cards by K, Q, J , and so on. I started the album with the K. As you can see in the picture below all piles are in the same order of suit. Seemed easier that way for me.

Here is my gift, I just hope it is manly enough for him.

Thanks Chris for the past 17 years and also thanks for the next 17 years.


  1. Very cool idea b^_^d
    it make me thinking of my two bestfriends
    yah, how's his reaction?
    I hope your friendship last long ^^

    Love Comment Blog ♥ (10)

    1. thanks. he was a lil shocked but loved it.

  2. This is cool!
    Haven't thought of this idea yet! I guess I can think of something to make for my boyfriend this Christmas. Thanks!!!!

    -- cfchai (Swap: Love Comment Blog ♥ (10))


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